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September Chair Letter

Dieter Eckstein

Hello Quality Colleagues,

This month, our section was joined by the Orange County Regulatory Affairs (OCRA) group at our dinner meeting.  The night event was the result of about five months of preparations by a team from both of our organizations.  My special gratitude goes to both teams and Bob Mehta for representing our section.

This meeting had a very interesting concept that I thought had very interesting prospects.  Clinic #1, A Symbiotic Relationship between QA and Regulatory Professionals was a discussion group led by a panel of experts in the topic.  This discussion format is a great way of sharing insights on topics such as the one in this clinic.  Sharing experience and knowledge is priceless to those that seek it.  This is one of the great values of being an ASQ member in our section.  We have some of the best experts in different industries and I encourage you, to be part of this great synergy.

Helping and learning from each other is a win-win!

Coming up in November, we will join our sister sections Los Angeles (0700) and San Gabriel Valley (0702) to bring you the Southern California Quality Conference.  Topics that are in the works for this conference include statistical tools, problem solving, project management and design of experiments.  Another great event for you to benefit from great learning opportunities.  Look inside this newsletter for more details and how to register.

Before the year ends, our section’s VOC Chair has an assignment to get information from our members that can help us shape our programs and make sure that we are providing relevant topics to the different industries our members belong to.  Over the last 10 years, there is a significant shift from Aerospace and Automotive to the Bio-Medical industries.  Please gather your thoughts and when the survey comes out, please contribute with your feedback.  It would be great if the survey has inputs in a double digit percentage that gives us a good representation of our section.  It would be great if we hear from YOU!  I would welcome any feedback that you can give us, at any time, but his survey has a strategic purpose to bring more value to our members.

Lastly, in our next meeting we will once again have opportunity to elect the officers for our section.  Dave Nagy would like to hear from you, if you are interested in becoming part of our Leadership Committee.  I encourage you to become involved and volunteer, even in supporting roles that could give you the opportunity to learn some of the Leadership positions and allow you to see if this is something that you would like to be part of.

See you at our next dinner meeting!

Dieter Eckstein, BSBM, ASQ CMQ/OE, CQA
Section Chair, ASQ Orange Empire 0701

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New ASQ Orange Empire Members

New ASQ Orange Empire Members

Welcome and congratulations on making the important decision to become a member of ASQ and ASQ Orange Empire.

All new members are eligible for a free admission to a dinner meeting within 3 Months of becoming a member. Please contact our  membership Chair Vatsal Pater for a Free Dinner Voucher at

Please welcome our Newest members to ASQ Orange Empire Section 0701!

Maria T. Panzarella Moises Torres Richard Wotring Minez Hagen
Christa L. Dagher Lievmar Skorzeny Zeledon Griselda Molina Audrey Doan
Robert G. Nye Faical C. Ben Fehri Vyom S. Mehta Snoddy
Yu Fung (Calvin) Pak Rowena Mansfield Todd A Plesco James Padrino
Clinton A. Treece Barnabas Joseph Shanthi Janet Guerrero
Di Lu Ilya Vaks Trang Hoang
Nirav Shah Justine Nguyen Basel Kashlan
Ashish Yadav Grace Bagwell Thanomlarp Wilder
Adam Dooolittle Antonio Garner Dan O’Donnell




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