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July Chair Letter

Dieter Eckstein

Dear Quality Colleagues,

In June, our Section Leadership held its annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Event. It was attended by almost 30 volunteers. It was a very nice evening organized with a very special, personal touch this year from the efforts of our Vice-Chair, Vinay Goyal. We had a chance to recognize the contributions of those who attended and make honorary mention of those who unfortunately were not able to attend. Vinay did a great job in putting together details of the specific contributions for each of the volunteers and how they make our ASQ Section one of the best.

To put this into perspective, in 2015, we calculated about 2244 hours volunteered which could easily stretch to over 2800 hours volunteered if we include all the Volunteer_Hours_Chartinstructor hours. Our Member Leaders provide an impressive 69% of those hours, but just as important are the contributions from the support teams such as proctors, arrangements, instructors, etc. It is truly a massive amount of work that goes into organizing and executing actions to make events, services and opportunities possible and available to our members.

Once again, my most sincere “THANK YOU” to all of our volunteers, I am humbled and honored to be part of this Team of Excellence.

One last comment about volunteering … even as a volunteer, our members have an opportunity to put their leadership, project management, organizational and improvement skills to work. I can’t say enough about how the skills you gain from working in a volunteer organization can make you a better professional in any field. Volunteers are not paid; therefore, you have to learn the art to be a great motivator. This alone, is one of the greatest benefits.

The second half of 2016 has started and if you attended our dinner meeting in June, you probably heard us announce that our section has climbed to be in the top 3 largest ASQ sections in the world. This is great news, but as your Chair, it also tells me that we have to continue providing those “value added” benefits to our members and we need to keep innovating and recruiting Member Leaders for the future of our section. So, if you have just joined our section and are looking at making a career in Quality, seriously consider volunteering in our section to gain skills that will boost your career as well as helping our section continue on this path of growth and excellence.

During the last ASQ World Conference for Improvement and Quality, I sat down with some of the Leaders from other sections. Their struggles are mostly on areas where our section strives, areas such as education, monthly meetings, seminars, etc. Some of these sections benchmark from what we do in our section to provide value to your ASQ membership. So, I urge you not to take our programs for granted and make the most of the opportunities.

Speaking of the opportunities that we provide our members, our Volunteer Auditor Program has a target to assist with 8 audits for companies with limited resources (under 200 employees) in Orange County. This program is led by Thomas Neal and it has a great synergy where we help companies with limited resources and at the same time benefit our certified auditors to put their skills into practice. If you are interested in finding out more information, please look at our Leadership contact information for Thomas.

We are working on getting our website up to date and providing information for future events for you to save the dates and plan accordingly. If you have any feedback on our website, please contact our Internet Liaison Abel Cortez or shoot me an email.

Dieter Eckstein, BSBM, ASQ CMQ/OE, CQA
Section Chair, ASQ Orange Empire 0701

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New ASQ Orange Empire Members

New ASQ Orange Empire Members

Welcome and congratulations on making the important decision to become a member of ASQ and ASQ Orange Empire.

All new members are eligible for a free admission to a dinner meeting within 3 Months of becoming a member. Please contact our (Acting) membership Chair Vinay Goyal for a Free Dinner Voucher at

Please welcome our Newest members to ASQ Orange Empire Section 0701!

Andrew Tenney
Arjun Kholia
Bianca Serrano
Bob Bretall
Christine Cho
Crystal Hall
Dan Lucey
Daniel Wanardi
Danny Leang
Elizabeth Williams
Farid Jazayeri
Greg Janes
Hao Zhang
Harshu Sharma
James Patterson
John Mace
Kathleen Hurd
Kevin Mai
Kevin Tackwood Kristen Kelly Krystal Bustos Kwandao Normai Malik Qaiser
Mike Hurd
Mitchell Young
Mohamed Abdelaziz
Nathaniel Yi
Prakash Mutta
Regie Felix
Ruth Daley
Shelly Gutkin
Sue Thornton
Tevfik Gemci
Tula Nieva
Victor Nguyen
Wang Ho Lee
Xiaoguang Gutierrez
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