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June 2019 Chairman’s Message

“The Quality of your life will be determined by the quality of your contribution. When you work to improve the lives of others, your life improves automatically.” – Kurek Ashley

Most quality related topics/presentations sound like common sense thing but often they are easy to preach but hard to implement. Common sense is not common and comes with education, experience, watching, exposure etc. Our section dinner meetings provide a great opportunity for education, professional development and networking with Quality and Regulatory professionals from various industries.
What one person may consider worthless could be highly prized by someone else.

If you have lightly touched books in good condition that you would like to donate, please bring them to section dinner meeting and give to our arrangement team.

As always, I would like to seek your help in introducing at least one new member: All new members associated with section 0701 Orange Empire are eligible for one free dinner meeting registration within 90 days of their membership.

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New ASQ Orange Empire Members

New ASQ Orange Empire Members

Welcome and congratulations on making the important decision of becoming a member of ASQ and ASQ Orange Empire.

Amy Schwartz Hideyo Nakazawa Michael Kayvanfar
Andrew Everetts Jeffrey Tomita Michael W. Swisher
Byron Fernandes Jessica Wu-Woods Michelle Jenkins
Charles Alvarez Johnny Dung Nguyen Muhammad Patel
Crystal Swafford Julie Shah Prasanth Haridas
Daniel Osso Karlie Harstad Rachel Stuart
Donald McInroy Katie White Sajjad Hussain
Douglas Lee Kirupa Shankar Krishnakumar Samir Rajput
Gary R. Sanchez Luis Eduardo Jurado Roldan Shelisa Ross
Georgiana Lester Ma Cristina C. Faypon Tara Nguyen
Greg Jones Mahendra Harsha Tiffany Warunek

All new members are eligible for a free admission to a dinner meeting within 3 Months of becoming a member. Please contact our Membership Chair Vatsal Patel for a Free Dinner Voucher at ASQ0701membership-chair@outlook.com

Please welcome our Newest members to ASQ Orange Empire Section 0701!





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