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August Chair Letter

Dieter Eckstein

Dear Quality Professionals,

I hope this letter finds you well and makes people’s lives better!

Last year, one of our best Member Leaders brought to our section some great improvements regarding the registration and recertification units (RU) processes.  These improvements have been working great, but lately we are hearing from some members that some are not getting emails, including the RU’s for attending the monthly dinner meeting clinics or dinner presentations.

Our team is looking closely into these problems; but in the meantime, we know that in the past the following helped to make sure that emails from our section were received:

  • Make sure you check in. This is how your attendance is verified.
  • Make sure your spam filter does not filter out emails from our section. (Cvent)
  • Check your spam folder.
  • You should receive your RU’s by the weekend after the dinner meeting at the very latest. If you don’t, please contact our Arrangements Chair by emailing to let us know that you didn’t receive your RU’s.
  • We take care of these situations on a case by case basis and try to reply as soon as we get a chance.

Communication with our members and our section leaders can be challenging sometimes.  Please remember that our Member Leaders are volunteers and that means that our jobs sometimes take priority.  However, I apologize on behalf of our Member Leaders, including myself for any delayed responses.  We are going to discuss about better ways to handle these service gaps and improve.

Don’t forget about our section’s Quality Day coming up on October 27th.  This is one of the marquee events for our section where we try to bring you an opportunity to attend classes on relevant topics in our profession.  This year will not be the exception.  Dave Nagy and our team have been working on putting a great program together and it is not too late for you to be part of it.  There will be opportunities to be part of the Quality Day by attending, but also by volunteering.  Please contact Dave Nagy if you are interested in joining our Quality Day volunteers!

It is great to hear what we do well in our section, but just as well, we look forward to any area where we can improve the service that we provide our members.

Lastly, once again, I would also like to invite you to be part of this section in a much different way, volunteer with us and give back to our profession, members and our communities.  Volunteering is a great opportunity to sharpen your leaderships skills and help others!

I look forward to seeing you in our next dinner meeting!

Best regards!

Dieter Eckstein, BSBM, ASQ CMQ/OE, CQA

Section Chair, ASQ Orange Empire 0701


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New ASQ Orange Empire Members

New ASQ Orange Empire Members

Welcome and congratulations on making the important decision to become a member of ASQ and ASQ Orange Empire.

Ana Elsa Ambriz Erika V. Marceles Shashank Roy
Anitha Sharma Gowrishankar Vijayakumar Stephanie Reyes
Annie Lee Irlanda Chavez Tuan Tran
Cyrus Galvan Jafar Mahmoodi-Ouchmooshi Venkata Danam 
Elisa Caroselli Neda Mosafaei Shirazi Vinca Chen
Elnura Hashimova Sr Paola Romano Yosief Mekonnen


All new members are eligible for a free admission to a dinner meeting within 3 Months of becoming a member. Please contact our  membership Chair Vatsal Pater for a Free Dinner Voucher at

Please welcome our Newest members to ASQ Orange Empire Section 0701!





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