By: Vinay Goyal

Last month’s winner for Chair’s column question is: Edward (Ed) Alluis. He has won one free dinner meeting registration.
Last month’s question was:
How can you make a line shorter without touching it?





Hint: For the right answer, please refer to Jan 2018 Newsletter.

This month’s question (fill in the blank):
We are not increasing the ____________ member and non-member price.
Hint: For the right answer, please read Feb 2018 Newsletter.
The first 5 correct responses will be eligible for a prize. Please email your response to We will announce the winners in our April Newsletter as well as our monthly dinner meeting in March.

Time has flown….we are entering in the 3nd month of the year.
I have been very fortunate to have an outstanding leadership team. Some of the leaders are true role models for me and I am pretty sure for many others.
In the last dinner meeting on Feb 13, 2018, it was my privilege to honor:

  • Dave Nagy – who has attended several leadership planning meetings and has hosted several programs over the years. He was the past Chair, Vice Chair, Membership Chair, Program Chair and hosted several Quality Days.
  • Mark Lindsey – I have known him for over 21 years. He was the one who encouraged me to join ASQ. He is a very passionate and devoted teacher. Mark is our current Education Chair.
  • Ned Schneider – Ever since Ned has accepted the baton, he has been coordinating section’s dinner meetings and Program coordination. Ned is very responsible, organized, and stays on top of his commitments.
  • Bob Mehta –Bob has extra ordinary credentials in the wide-ranging arena of Quality e.g. publications, teaching, certifications, awards, and years of service to this section and Quality Community. Bob is a very humble, polite, and responsible person.

I urge all members to attend meetings regularly and promote events to their colleagues, clients, and anyone who may be impacted by quality (i.e. which is everyone). The purpose of our society is to be inclusive.
At this point, I would like to seek your help in recruiting at least one new member: student, associate member, full member, etc.

Starting May 1st, we are going to make minor changes to our monthly dinner meeting registration fee. Please read more details and the justification on Page 17. If you have questions, please feel free to email me at

We are always looking for articles to publish in our newsletter, presenters for our dinner meeting, dedicated and passionate volunteers for our member leader committee (MLC).

Good News:

  • ASQ has recently updated its Recertification Journal effective January 2018. Members attending dinner meeting and associated clinic or on a single date may earn up to1.0 RU. Once it is confirmed and approved by Section Leadership the team will work on revising RU letter and updating RUs that were already issued in the months of Jan and Feb. To learn more about the revised RU Journal, please see attached link on Page 4.
  • Our financial audit was completed on Jan 26, 2018 and submitted to Head Quarter on time. Thanks to our Audit Chair and Audit team members. It is available for member’s review in February, March and April Dinner meetings.

Best regards

Vinay Goyal, ASQ Fellow, CSQP, CQA, CSSBB
Section Chair, ASQ Orange Empire 0701