Clinic #1 – Design Thinking Applied to Manufacturing Process – 0.5 RU’s
Clinic #2 – Managing Change – 0.5 RU’s
Dinner Presentation – Innovation with TRIZ – 0.5 RU’s


When : Tuesday, September 11, 2018 5:15 PM  –  9:00 PM
Where :
Wyndham Hotel Irvine 17941 Von Karman Ave. Irvine, California 92614 USA

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Clinic #1: Design Thinking Applied to Manufacturing Process

Although the application of Lean and Six Sigma principles has helped reduce complexity in manufacturing processes, in order for us to rise to the next level of performance, it is important to apply the principles of great user design. We will share how we applied the approach of Apple and other companies focused on users to our Manufacturing processes to achieve a better experience for our employees.

By attending this clinic presentation, you will get…
1. A model of design thinking as applied to manufacturing processes.
2. Insight into creating an environment of openness and making everyone a design expert.
3. A system to allow all employees to own a solution through its stages (building consensus with the team, prioritization, plan, do, check, act and celebrate).

Clinic presented by: Abe Chohan


Clinic #2: Managing Change

One universal truth: Change is the only constant, everything changes. It is a form of evolution that takes place in all activities in the world.  Most of the time, Change is good. Then why are we so afraid of the change?  Human psychology is that we have a comfort in the status quo. When the status quo changes, it creates uncertainty causing anxiety and resistance to change.

In business, change is evident in many forms:
– Organization changing hands, buyouts, consolidation etc.
– Change at senior management level
– Embracing a system change e.g. ERP systems, Quality systems, Implementing ISO standards etc.

This presentation will cover the common features in all these kind of changes and provide different scenarios where change has effect on organizations and our daily lives.

By attending this clinic presentation, you will…
– Be able to learn to confront the change head-on and learn to face it with positive outcomes.
– Be able to envision different kinds of changes and be able to recognize its emergence.
– Be a part of the change and help the organization as well as ourselves.

 Clinic presented by: C.G. Mistry


Dinner Presentation: Practical Innovation with TRIZ

Innovation capability is essential to the long-term sustainability of any business.  And innovation is defined as a new method, idea, or process – typically to solve an obvious or perceived problem.  While Team Problem Solving has been popular and provides a good forum for coming up with solutions, these are limited to the standard brainstorming methodology and the knowledge within the confines of the team.

So, organizations are always looking for better tools for developing new systems, solving problems and selecting best solutions. People doing research and development in technical and non-technical fields; technology managers and other managers; and anybody who solves problems, is looking for a better approach. While many people believe that one has to be born with the ‘creative gene’, others have discovered that, through the TRIZ process, we can all learn to be creative.TRIZ provides such a fresh approach for ‘creative’ problem solving. Many Fortune Global 500 companies such as Ford, Procter & Gamble, Mitsubishi and Samsung have used TRIZ to develop better products more quickly. More and more small companies and individual inventors are using TRIZ. People in fields as diverse as marketing, education and management are using TRIZ methods to solve their problems.  And it aligns well with practices such as Lean Six Sigma.

By attending this clinic presentation, you will…
Learn TRIZ techniques you can apply immediately to your problem solving challenges:
– Learn how to define problems more clearly
– Learn TRIZ techniques such as Ideal Final Result, Contradictions, Resources
– Learn a simple Practical Way to resolve contradictions (the basis of most problems)

Dinner speaker: Akhilesh Gulati