Clinic #1 – Lean Kanban Inventory & Scheduling Systems – 0.5 RU’s
Clinic #2 – The Surprising Secrets to Success in Quality Projects – 0.5 RU’s
Dinner Presentation – Our Customers Trust Us: Daily Moments of Truth to Assure Quality – 0.5 RU’s


When : Tuesday, October 9, 2018 5:15 PM  –  9:00 PM
Where :
Wyndham Hotel Irvine 17941 Von Karman Ave. Irvine, California 92614 USA

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Clinic #1: Lean Kanban Inventory & Scheduling Systems

The purpose of this clinic is to provide an introduction to Lean Kanban Inventory & Scheduling Systems and discuss some actual implementations of this method.

The Key Objective of Lean Management is to reduce the lead time of an organization’s processes. Organizations accomplish that by eliminating or reducing so-called non-value-adding activities.

Kanban is a Japanese word that means, roughly, signboard or signal card. Kan = visual, Ban = card. Lean Kanban Inventory & Scheduling Systems lead to an improved process flow, reduced scheduling activities, and can result in significant inventory reduction.

By attending this clinic presentation, you will:
– hear more about the fundamental thinking behind Lean Kanban Inventory & Scheduling Systems,
– learn about the two original Kanban methods, the single-card Kanban and the dual-card Kanban, and
– see (using videos) and discuss a few specific Kanban implementations in different organizations, including healthcare and manufacturing.

Clinic presented by: Frank G. Adler, Ph. D.


Clinic #2: The Surprising Secrets to Success in Quality Projects

What makes some quality projects successful while others fall short? Is it the project leader? Is it the quality tools that are used? Is it the choice of the right problem to be solved? RoseMary Puhr speaks about her experiences and identifies some surprising features of her own successful quality projects.

By attending this clinic presentation, you will:

– Hear the story of a particularly challenging quality project

– Learn 4 things that heavily influence project success

– Learn what those 4 things have in common – the key to success in quality projects

– Leave with ideas for practical application in your own work life

 Clinic presented by: Rosemary Puhr


Dinner Presentation: Our Customers Trust Us: Daily Moments of Truth to Assure Quality

Sour customers trust that the products, services, and information that we provide do what they are designed to do – all the time! Our customers trust that everyone in our organization knows their job and does their job well – all the time! But stuff happens – even in the best of organizations. Decisions need to be made every day that will reflect the integrity of our work and result in the best possible quality.

With four decades of working with manufacturing companies, David has seen first-hand and up-close situations where decisions are made at all levels within an organization. David will share the characteristics common to those people and companies where quality is paramount and the right decisions are made. He will also share examples of companies where quality was compromised, and a heavy price was paid as a result.

By attending this meeting, you will:

– Gain actionable tips on how to make Quality the driving force of your organization, whether it’s the entire company, an operating division, or your department (Hint: Start where you can start)

– Learn how managing Daily Moments of Truth can reduce trouble as well as reduce stress

– Learn how Trust provides a competitive advantage in all interactions

– Discover how to educate and train everyone in your organization to make better decisions as they relate to Quality

Dinner speaker: David C. Markovitz