“Quality is generally transparent when present, but
easily recognized in its absence.”

-ALAN GILLIES, Software Quality: Theory and Management

I recall 11 years ago; our typical section 0701 dinner meetings attendance used to be 40-60 members. that number has now reached to 80-100. In 2007 our membership was about 1100 that has now reached to over 1400, means section is maintaining good growth and retention record. Our section event notifications go out to over 7000 paid and unpaid members.

There are several reasons why I think our section is doing good:

  • Leadership (Team of volunteers)
    • Our strong team of 18+ member leaders attend most dinner meetings and
      make themselves available and approachable in addressing members’
      questions, concerns in a timely manner.
    • Our program and arrangement Chairs and team members make sure that
      our events are organized and managed professionally
  • Event Management Program:
    • We pay about $7000 per year for our event management program. It comes out about $1 per member per year in communicating all section events.
    • Managing tasks: registrations, collection of registration fee, applicable discounts and due dates, speedy check-ins, issuing RUs, keeping historical data, auto reminders, surveys, etc.
  • Value
    • For over 12 years, our member dinner meeting registration cost of EarlyBird is still $30.00 (30-50% subsidized). That includes:
    • Nice location
    • Parking fee (regular parking fee is about $16.00)
    • Sit down dinner with 4 meal choices (Fish, Beef, Chicken, Vegetarian)
    • 1.0 RU
    • Presentation/networking opportunities with Quality and Regulatory Professionals from whole spectrum of industries and many more….

As always, I would like to seek your help in introducing at least one new
member: student, associate member, full member, etc. All new members
associated with section 0701 Orange Empire are eligible for one free dinner
meeting registration within 90 days of their membership.



Vinay Goyal