Clinic 1 – Supplier Assessment Driven by the EU MDR – 0.5 RU
Clinic 2 –
Data Management for Quality Professionals– 0.5 RU
Dinner Presentation –
Driving Change, the Core of any Successful Execution – 0.5 RU


When : Tuesday, July 9, 2019 5:15 PM  –  9:00 PM
Where :
Wyndham Hotel Irvine 17941 Von Karman Ave. Irvine, California 92614 USA

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Clinic #1: Supplier Assessment Driven by the EU MDR

EU MDR seems to be impacting everyone and everything.  So, how does this impact my Supplier Management program?  Do I need to change anything related to my assessment of my suppliers? This session will be an open round table discussion where we will explore the impacts of the new EU MDR on Supplier Management.  We will look into the following items:

– Classification of suppliers, including risk

– Auditing suppliers, any new requirements

– New supplier categories, do we need to add anyone to the Approved Supplier List (ASL)

Clinic presented by: Tiffany Abrams

Clinic #2: Data Management for Quality Professionals

Data is an essential tool for quality management, and in many organizations, the volume of data is growing rapidly.  This means more data for analysis of the quality of processes, but that enormous data asset must be managed.  Given its importance on a tactical and strategic level, the data asset should be managed as an asset with professional rigor.

A variety of disciplines are considered part of the overall enterprise data management effort including data asset inventory, data quality assessment, metadata management, logical data modeling, database design, data warehousing, and data exploitation.   But since the data is a BUSINESS asset (not just a part of technology) its quality and management is a legitimate concern of business leaders (not just I.T.)             Two emerging sub-disciplines are data governance and data stewardship.

Metadata (data or information about data) is an important part of data management.  There are nine distinct kinds of metadata, of varying importance; if time permits, we will look at each kind of metadata—the most important being a data user guide.

By attending this clinic presentation, you will learn…

  • Some of the key issues in data quality assessment
  • How the data asset should be managed or governed
  • The kinds of metadata which can be important to data users

Clinic presented by: Michael Scofield

Dinner Presentation: Driving Change, the Core of any Successful Execution

Project teams in organizations often struggle to effectively execute not always due to technical challenges and barriers but due to organizational people alignment into execution.  The “acceptance” of the technical proposals by who will experience the change is many times more important than the technical change or solution.

By attending this clinic presentation, you will get…

  • Practical tips to assure that your technical proposals are adopted
  • Prepare you and your team to be ready, willing and able to execute the change
  • Realizing that the only constant in business is change, better adapt to it and leverage it

Dinner speaker: Carlos Herrera