Classroom and/or Live Webinar Format

The section currently offers various Refresher Courses in this bi-annual cycle.  Courses are offered one night per week (Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday) for 3 hours on consecutive weeks (9 to 15) and are designed to cover a comprehensive review of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) as published by ASQ Headquarters on their website at www.asq.org.  This is 27-45 hours of classroom instruction on the details specified in the certification Body of Knowledge (BOK).  Instructors are carefully chosen by the section and are continuously monitored for effectiveness and responsiveness to their students.
Additional refresher courses are considered depending upon local interest and demand, a host facility, and qualified instructors.
For exact ASQ0701 Refresher Course dates go to http://asqorangeempire.org/?page_id=5316

Online E-Learning/Webinar Study Group Sessions Format

We are pleased to offer this modern training format for the very busy technical professionals that still want to continue their education and commitment to excellence. The Online Training format has the following advantages over traditional Classroom training:
1. Learn at your own convenience from anywhere when you are alert
2. New training material that is more comprehensive due to Online training format
3. View any training session multiple times and available for 1 full year
4. Have 2 Live Instructor Led Webinar Study Group Sessions per month to address any and all questions the students have, including how to use the TI-30XIIS Calculator.
5. Lower Price than Classroom training
6. Etc.
Please visit the link below and explore the webpage and take the video tour for more details: https://arengineering.net/online-training and click on “Online E-Learning Training Tour”
For more info, please contact the Section Education Chair: Mark Lindsey at markhikes@aol.com


Seminar or Workshop on specific subjects are provided on a regular basis. Seminar will be either half-day or full-day training sessions led by a instructor.  Seminar topics are selected from those requested by section members and aim to provide real scenario situations.

For exact ASQ0701 Seminar dates go to http://asqorangeempire.org/?page_id=3899