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August Chair Letter

Dieter Eckstein

Dear Quality Colleagues,

Every month, Ned Schneider and his team put together a program for our monthly dinner meeting.  Over the years, I have heard great comments about such dinner meetings and how they are a jewel to our section.  The attendance has grown to a current average that exceeds 100 attendees, an impressive number to most ASQ Sections.

Our Leadership Committee has recognized the importance of these dinner meetings to the benefits we provide to our members.  A great deal of efforts and expenses month after month culminate at the second Tuesday of every month.  Dave Nagy, set the standard last decade and for a year, Ned Schneider has met the standard bringing to us great speakers who present great topics for you to benefit from.

In July, Ned Schneider and Bob Mehta stepped up in a huge effort to give continuity to our dinner program.  The current relationship that we have enjoyed with the Double Tree Hotel has created the need to look for a different venue for our 2017 meetings.  From keeping the costs to our members down, to holding a high standard for the food, location and service have been the drivers for our team to prioritize in July the future of our meetings.  For now, I want to bring to our attention that change is coming for 2017. Your comfort, needs and satisfaction have been the core for the solution that we are putting together.

Thank you Bob and Ned for such diligence, leadership and outstanding teamwork in finding potential venues for our future monthly dinner meetings.  I am not only impressed of how professional your efforts have been, but I have also been reassured of how passionate and dedicated you both are to our members.  On behalf of all of us who benefit from the monthly meetings, thank you!

On this same topic, are you one of the members who take advantage of this benefit from our section?  Even though our section has great attendance, I can’t help to see the fact that less than 10% of our members take advantage of this extremely important benefit we bring to you.  In myPie_Chart_Attendance career, I recognized the importance of networking, keeping current with Quality practices and feeding our own personal knowledge database.  My friends, this is not a sales pitch for our dinner meetings J.  Just ask yourself if you are part of the gold slice that benefit from our dinner meetings?  Why not?  Three hours a month and $30 are a small investment to keep you going to where you want to take your career.

I have a long overdue vacation with my family.  We are on an adventure to reach Yellow Stone National Park.  We are all excited!  I will miss seeing you at the dinner meeting.  Vinay Goyal, Dr. Jack B. ReVelle, and Chris Alexander have excellent topics for your delight.  Enjoy these presentations and don’t hesitate to tell me what you thought about them and what was the “golden nugget” that you took home from the evening!

Best regards,

Dieter Eckstein, BSBM, ASQ CMQ/OE, CQA
Section Chair, ASQ Orange Empire 0701

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New ASQ Orange Empire Members

New ASQ Orange Empire Members

Welcome and congratulations on making the important decision to become a member of ASQ and ASQ Orange Empire.

All new members are eligible for a free admission to a dinner meeting within 3 Months of becoming a member. Please contact our  membership Chair Vatsal Pater for a Free Dinner Voucher at

Please welcome our Newest members to ASQ Orange Empire Section 0701!

Maria T. Panzarella Moises Torres Richard Wotring Minez Hagen
Christa L. Dagher Lievmar Skorzeny Zeledon Griselda Molina Audrey Doan
Robert G. Nye Faical C. Ben Fehri Vyom S. Mehta Snoddy
Yu Fung (Calvin) Pak Rowena Mansfield Todd A Plesco James Padrino
Clinton A. Treece Barnabas Joseph Shanthi Janet Guerrero
Di Lu Ilya Vaks Trang Hoang
Nirav Shah Justine Nguyen Basel Kashlan
Ashish Yadav Grace Bagwell Thanomlarp Wilder
Adam Dooolittle Antonio Garner Dan O’Donnell




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